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Gulf and Bay Dive Services offers many services for underwater boat work and cleaning. We serve all of Pinellas County and Hillsborough County including St. Petersburg, the Pinellas Beaches, Tierra Verde, Tarpon Springs, Apollo Beach, Hillsborough River, and Tampa. To schedule a cleaning or get an estimate please call us at 727-252-9915.

We service marinas, residential locations, and transient cruisers.

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Hull Cleaning

We will do our best to service your boat as close to the monthly date as possible. 


Weather, additional business, holidays, and sickness can always throw off a diving schedule but we will always try to clean as close to the 2 or 4 week target date as possible. 


Many of the high growth areas we serve go on a 2wk cycle from April until the first cold fronts in October. 


If you would like to be added to that schedule just let us know.  High current areas more than water temperature affects the speed of growth as the current is like a conveyor belt of food for barnacles and algae.  

If the boat will be traveling, out of the water, or potentially sold please try to give a weeks plus notice if possible.  We can move a cleaning schedule to within 48hrs of a seatrial instead of regular schedule if given enough notice.  

Specialty Labor
Prop Pull, Prop Installation, and More

We also are available to help with any specialty labor you may need such as: 

  • Prop Pull

  • Prop Installation

  • Recommendations for bottom paint

  • Recommendations for haul out yards

  • Underwater chainsaw work

  • Underwater drilling

  • Concrete jacketing of pilings

  • Preventative wrapping of pilings to protect against boring worms

See our Community Page for more information.

Zinc Monitoring and Replacement

Labor cost for zinc installation is currently $7.50/zinc for standard shaft and trim tab zincs and $10/zinc for hull and specialty zincs.


The labor cost does not include the cost of the zincs themselves. 


We charge MSRP for sacrificial anodes (aka zincs) and if you would like to provide your own just call the office to let us know if they will be kept in a dock box or easily accessible cockpit locker.  


If you have questions about electrolysis issues please let us know and we'll provide regular zinc ratings in your boat reports to see the anode burning rate trends. 


Fast burning zincs can indicate heavy electrolysis issues.  Zincs that burn too slowly can also be bad, if not bonded correctly the sacrificial zinc anodes may not be doing their job.  

Many of our customers are coming from northern or fresh waters and heavy growth, zinc anodes, and a new type of boat can bring about maintenance issues that are unfamiliar.  Questions on boats and Florida waters are more than welcome.  If we don't know an answer, we can introduce you to those that do.  

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