About Gulf & Bay Divers

Gulf and Bay Dive Services is headquartered in Madeira Beach, Florida. We serve all the Pinellas Beaches, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay Area. ​ 

We service marinas, residential locations, and transient cruisers.


Micah Thompson and his wife moved to the beach after getting married and completing their 6 month honeymoon hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Micah was a white collar guy in Atlanta and worked with a 3rd world non-profit for his first year in Florida.  As he loves boats, diving, and being an avid sailor he began working under boats.  It's harder work than he ever realized but he enjoys working with customers who have an affinity for boats themselves.  He also saw plenty of room for divers who were honest, dependable, had a professional skill set, and could show up and invoice on time.  After over 1,000 hours of underwater time working for larger dive companies as an outsourced diver he decided to create Gulf and Bay Dive Services.

Don’t forget that some of the best advice to maintain your boat is to run your boat….Have fun boating!

Our Team: 

We have grown into a leading marine service provider with a deep bench of experience and leadership among our crew and a very organized back office allowing us to scale and serve our clients in a professional and thorough manner.  Underwater boat work is hard work and requires oversight during the learning curve.  Our leaders train the team that we're "not in the dive business, we're in the boat business and just happen to dive".  Our training is extensive and focuses on the many complexities and varieties of the boats we service.  


Our crew leaders, alongside Micah, are responsible for ensuring work is double checked, newer crew members are trained appropriately, and work is accomplished within targeted schedules.  Though each of us work in all areas of the county the area they cover the most is related to their title and geography.  


Dive Leadership:


Micah Thompson

Proprietor and Lead Diver


Jake Wood

Head Crew Leader - St Petersburg/Downtown

Though Jake's team works all over the county he has a special focus on downtown St Petersburg, Isla Del Sol in south Pinellas, and Westshore Yacht Club in Tampa.  He has been the right hand of Gulf & Bay Divers for years and has helped establish the company since it was just Jake and Micah.  He has been pivotal helping form leadership and systems as we've grown.

Brandon Hutchinson
Assistant Crew Leader
Brandon oversees the north county territory and is currently growing services in the Apollo Beach and Ruskin areas. After having served six years in the United States Navy, where he learned to dive, Brandon received his BA in business from Marshall University. His love of the water and the rich history of St. Petersburg/Tampa area brought him here in 2017. He’s worn many hats along the way to Gulf and Bay and he brings a keen eye for quality assurance and dedication to customer service.

Andrew Sutton

Assistant Crew Leader 

Andy grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan but attended a research school in Eleuthera, Bahama.  This is where he found his passion for diving.  Andy returned to Michigan after school but couldn't get diving out of his mind.  He finally made the jump back south and ended up in the Gulf & Bay Family.  Andy's leadership qualities quickly caught the teams attention.  His "Make it Happen" attitude and problem solving skills have been an invaluable addition to the team.  

Office Team:


Courtney Thompson

Office Director

Courtney oversees the office staff of both Gulf & Bay Divers and our sister company, Gulf & Bay Dock Wraps, that focuses on underwater dock work and protection.  Gulf & Bay Dock Wraps has it's own full time staff, and if interested in a dock inspection, piling wrapping, concrete jackets, underwater chainsaw work, or debris removal please visit www.gulfandbaydockwraps.com  


Sandi Kirby 

Office Assistant- Zinc Inventory Manager

As each member of our team carries an extensive zinc inventory so we are always ready to rezinc a boat.  Sandi overseas zinc inventories for the team and keeps track of our zinc inventory in the field and at the warehouse.  She also focuses on calls for the few clients we have that have trouble paying on time.  Many times overdue payment is accidental, but Sandi's kind voice ensures we're following up in a friendly manner.  


Valerie Wheeler

Billing Manager

We're honored to have Courtney's mom as a steady part of our team.  She came on board through a rather unfortate event but are glad it lead to continued work with family.  Courtney contracted viral meningitus in 2016.  It put her out of commission for a while and Valerie helped fill in to make sure invoices and boat reports kept going out so we could stay afloat.  We continued to grow as Courtney was recovering and we asked if it's something Valerie would like to keep doing.  We don't know how we managed before Valerie's assistance.  


Gulf & Bay Dock Wraps

In 2016 we broke off any dock wrap and dock work into a separate entity.  It has grown under great leadership and great relationships with our dock building partners.  Gulf & Bay Dock Wraps is the leading company specializing in dock protection from boring worms on the West Coast of Florida.  Ensuring your dock is safe for your friends, family, and boats is what we ensure.  

Jessica Mercier 

Office Manager

Nathan Grubb

Planning & Project Manager

Nathan brings an incredibly eclectic background to the Gulf & Bay team.  He has lived in Europe, worked for the UN, worked in non-profits working to get people out of human trafficking, and been a motivational speaker highlighting child abuse and inspiring stories of hope.  He is a talented leader and manager and oversees daily field operations, specialty work, and the teams that execute concrete jacketing of pilings.  


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